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The Author2You website is an author-to-fan online social marketplace providing authors with the opportunity to sell their own written eBooks and physical books to their fans and followers.


Definition of an Online Social Marketplace:

The best example for an online marketplace is E-Bay. Multiple vendors can sell their own products to its customers globally, but it is not very social. Facebook is very social, and enables its members to interact with each other, make friends, upload pictures to their profiles, create interest groups and express their opinions.

A Social Marketplace is a combination of these two platforms.


The Author2You target market consists of no name authors that want to get attention and to get in contact with their readers. Also for famous authors that want to create social fan groups will consider Author2You as an option.

The Author2You website will enable authors to communicate directly to their fans / readers / followers, through their Author2you’s social profiles, and are able to by-pass their physical presence in library lecture halls and book fairs.

The website is multilingual to address authors on a global basis. Nice looking social profiles will attract the attention of their customers. Uploading photos and videos into media galleries, presenting themselves in PDF brochures, participating in question and answer forums, creating social groups, make friends with customers and other authors, exchange knowledge and experience and write articles as blog posts, will fulfill all the needs an author can wish for.

Moreover the authors can protect their written content as article posts, and even their uploaded eBooks directly with a selected Creative Commons License model throughout the integrated API on the author2you.com website without having to leave our website.

Many authors have written a book and have not published it properly by a publishing company. Also while not having established a name in its field, it is difficult for these authors to make sales and attract attention.

Author2You gives a chance to get more exposure through its member’s database and integrated social functionalities.

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